You are responsible for your actions. You are responsible for any aircraft you put into the air. We accept no liability whatsoever for anything that happens prior to, during, or following the use of our products.

You are personally liable for product fault leading to an accident. Why? Because before every flight, as a responsible and competent operator you must conduct preflight checks that ensure; frame strength, functional integrity, radio environment – to ensure that the aircraft and the system that you have personally put together is flight worthy and safe.

Since you build these aircraft yourself, we can not guarantee the quality of your work or the level of your skills as a builder or pilot. Subsequently, we are not responsible for anything that happens to something you create.

Product Guarantee


If your have a bad experience with any of our products, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to turn it into a positive one.

That being said, we can not offer any guarantee or warranty after a product has been used. Crash it once, expose it to the wrong chemicals, the product could potentially be ruined by you failing to take the proper care measures.

If the product is unused, arrives to you in terrible condition, please let us know and we will send you a new one. You need to provide photo evidence to us.

We do not offer refund or replacement guarantee if the product has been used, however if your product breaks in use please tell us. We want to know how it can be improved. Again please provide photos. At our discretion, we may choose to give you a free replacement. Remember this is not guaranteed – it is at our discretion.