EVO 4.5″ 5mm Carbon Frame


Frame only.

compatible with the following pods:

  • EVO Race Pod
  • EVO HD Pod
  • TUF Pod
  • XR1 Universal Race Pod
  • XR1 Universal HD Pod
  • Hybrid

Please note: Pods and frames are sold separately. The pod or frame is shown for illustrative purposes only and not included with this purchase price.

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Product Description

Made from quality 5mm 3K twill isotropic carbon fibre,, this minimalist unibody 175mm X-frame is intended for those who wish to experiment with ultra-light tough race quads using lightweight mid-power motors, eg 1807 / 2204’s and 4″ to 4.5″ props.

Hollowed out extensions at the ends of the arms provide motor protection (they are intended to compress / break rather than losing an arm) and allow a clean airflow path for cooling.

Motor holes are 16×16 with one pair elongated to 16×19.

This frame is intended to be used with an EVO pod, a 4in1 ESC, and a micro camera/vtx combination for a very lightweight, strong, racing machine.

Standard 30.5×30.5 FC/4in1 mount holes are centred in the frame, and the EVO pod attaches by 3mm screws on 44x32mm centres.

Carbon is stiff, strong, and light, allowing high filter settings in a lightweight build.  Its stiffness will eventually cause delamination and failure after repeated hard impacts.  Polycarbonate is is more durable, and recommended for ‘practice’ or everyday quads.  This is intended for the ultimate light weight race quad with durability as a secondary consideration.  Even so, minimum arm dimensions of 12x5mm and carefully designed curvature has resulted in a very, very tough frame.

This quad flies best with the default low pass filters (100Hz PT1 on gyro, and 100Hz biquad on Dterm).  Only the the dynamic notch filter needs to be enabled (disable the other notch filters).

Motor bolts are M3x8mm.  Take care that your motors have 3mm for the bolt to go in.  If not, get a dremel or file and grind them down to 7mm.  Loctite can be used on carbon.

PS – Why a 4.5″ frame?  4″ sometimes is just not quite enough prop for a modern 1807 …



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