EVO Race Pod

Pod only.

compatible with the following frames:

  • EVO 4” (PC or Carbon)
  • EVO 4.5” (PC or Carbon)
  • EVO 5” (PC or Carbon)
  • TUF 5”

Please note: Pods and frames are sold separately. The pod or frame is shown for illustrative purposes only and not included with this purchase price.


Product Description

The EVO race pod is a handcrafted, aerodynamic, strong and lightweight TPU protection system that provides the weight savings of a centre mounted 4in1 ESC and micro camera/VTx on both the EVO frame and the super-strong TUF frame.

We designed this pod to provide an effortless ‘click-fit’ for the:

  • Runcam Micro CCD camera or equivalent
  • Eachine VTX03 video transmitters
  • Stock mini dipole antenna
  • uFl four-lobe clover-leaf antenna

Most conventional race quads suffer greatly from prop-related ESC damage, and antenna breakage.  The EVO system addresses both these issues very effectively, so you’ll spend more time flying and less time repairing.

The pod has a fin to protect the antenna.  A set of slots allows a uFL four lobe cloverleaf antenna to be securely mounted with hot melt glue.  Our experience has been that that a simple dipole does very well and is more durable.

The pod extends over the arms to protect the wires from prop strikes.

We recommend using a pair of two-pin 1.25mm flying leads to provide 5V power to the pod, allowing the pod, camera and VTx to be disconnected easily if needed.

In the centre of the pod there is enough space for a 30.5×30.5 4in1 ESC and FC, and an Rx.  Motor wires from the 4in1 must exit frontwards, eg the Hobbywing XRotor 40A.

The ideal Rx is the FrSky R-XSR, though the X4RSB will fit quite easily.

The FC should provide a solid 5V supply for the micro camera and VTx.

The pod provides cooling vents front and back for the ESC.  We recommend reversing prop rotation in betaflight so that grass won’t get blown inside through those vents.  This also keeps the cameras clean.


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