TUF 5″ 9mm PC Frame


Frame only.

compatible with the following pods:

  • EVO Race Pod
  • EVO HD Pod
  • TUF Pod
  • XR1 Universal Race Pod
  • XR1 Universal HD Pod
  • Hybrid

Please note: Pods and frames are sold separately. The pod or frame is shown for illustrative purposes only and not included with this purchase price.

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Product Description

This is one of the strongest, most durable unibody racing X-frames you can get.

Made from 9.5mm polycarbonate, it can be broken, but you really have to work hard at it.  Ideal for practice, this is a solid frame with the strength to handle 2407 size motors and survive the worst.

Weight 80g.

For the ultimate in durability, pair this frame with a TUF pod for reliable HS1177 cameras and full size FC’s with ESCs on the arms.

This frame can also be used with the EVO-TUF style micro pod, which keeps the weight down considerably and fits over standard 30.5 x 30.5 internals.

This is quite a rigid frame and will work fine with standard betaflight filtering, although super aggressive ESC / 2407 motor combinations may require care with how much D you add or a reduction in the D filter value perhaps as low as 60-70.

Motor bolts are M3x12mm flanged.  Don’t overtighten the bolts, and DO NOT USE LOCTITE.  Loctite, even the tiniest amount, will destroy the frame.  Polycarbonate itself acts like a spring washer – just tighten the bolts firmly, not super hard.


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