XR1 Universal Race Pod

Pod only.

While it was designed to match the XR1 frame, this pod is compatible with any 30.5×30.5 mounting pattern – pretty much any race quad could be easily adapted run this pod.

Please note: Pods and frames are sold separately. The pod or frame is shown for illustrative purposes only and not included with this purchase price.


Product Description

The XR1 Universal Race Pod was designed to securely hold an HS1177 Camera, uFL type VTX (unify, tramp etc) all on top of a set of 30.5×30.5 standoffs, thus making it usable on any stack of that size.

If you watch the XR1 build video, you can simply follow the same build process on any frame that has 30.5×30.5 bolt holes.

When using the correct components, this pod is able to fit a four lobe cloverleaf antenna inside the pod. This means no more bulky object hanging out somewhere just waiting to get destroyed. Everything is protected in a highly compact package and it is very durable.

If you do want a huge antenna up in the sky, use a uFL to SMA pigtail, the top access point is designed to house an SMA if required.


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